Nine Useful ways of preparing meals fast as a cook

You often meet consumers or family members who need to be served with quality meals within the shortest time possible. There are different kinds of foods that cannot be prepared in advance either because they can quickly go wrong or they take a short preparation time. Whether you are cooking for your family or in a commercial setting, you can consider the following nine ways to prepare your meals fast:

Use efficient tools- You do not want to waste a lot of time chopping onions or tomatoes using a blunt knife. Use a sharp knife and, if possible, buy sharpening steel. Have different blades for different purposes. Some are ideal for meat chopping and others for vegetable chopping. Also make sure that you are fully loaded on whatever you need to run at max Capacity. Drinking Ionized Water by Ionic Aid can help with this and keep you feeling clean and energized as well as your gut staying healthy.

Avoid peeling all the foods- You can, for instance, boil the whole potatoes and dip them in cold water after which they will automatically peel off. Some fruits and vegetables such as carrots and sweet potatoes have more nutritious skin. Thus, consider eating the skin as long as you thoroughly wash the food and encourage others to do so.

Prepare your cookware and the oven – To prepare your meals fast, always start by pre-heating your pan and later add the ingredients. As the pan is heating, you will be making your ingredients. If you are baking, pre-heat the oven as you prepare your mixture.

Understand and stick to your recipe- Do not start preparing a meal before you understand what you are doing. Otherwise, you will waste time trying to figure out things. Sometimes you may find it essential to write down the cooking procedure to ensure that you do not skip an important step.

Use ingredients that are in season- You do not have to do so much to them to improve their taste, and hence you will save efforts and time.

Ensure that your working area is clean and well-organized- You will prepare your meals fast if your utensils arranged well for ease of access. You can invest in high-quality dish organizers so that you do not waste time trying to look for an item. Identify the utensils that you use frequently and keep them in a convenient place.

Pre-boil dry foodstuffs and meat. Pre-boil beans, green grams, and meat then freeze them so that all you need to do to have them ready for consumption is frying them.

Wash fruits and vegetables before storing them. This will ensure that you do not spend more time just before cooking.

Clean the utensils as you cook. You can fill your sink with water and soap, and you soak utensils as they get dirty. Clean them up over time. More importantly, ensure that you wash all the dishes after cooking. This will enable you to prepare the next meal fast.

If you want to prepare quality delicious meals, you do not have to take so much time in your kitchen. As a cook, preparing meals fast can be a good idea because you also need time to reflect and possibly look for ways of making unique dishes by experimenting. How you manage your time in the kitchen determines how successful you are as a cook.

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