Various Types of Physiotherapy Techniques for You

It is not always necessary to treat disease, injury, or deformity by the use of drugs. We have other treatment options which like massage, heat treatment, and exercises. Such methods are effective forms of treatment of acute pain. 

The non-medicinal treatment for acute or chronic pain, physical disability resulting from injury, trauma, and other illness use physiotherapy techniques. 

Physiotherapy treatment aims to restore a body’s mobility functions following an injury or illness. The patient undergoes a rehabilitation program to regain health and fitness. 

The physiotherapy approach to the treatment of humans employs various techniques depending on the situation of the patient. Here are some of them. 


Joint mobilization  


The specific conditions which require the use of this technique include arthritis of the shoulder, spines, elbow, hip, and knee. Joint mobilization also applies to problems with sprains, curve tears, frozen elbows, nerve impingements, and golfers, or tennis elbow. 

Joint mobilization mainly involves manual therapy. It applies to problems of specific joints by use of mild force in certain directions. Sometimes it employs the use of tools like straps. 


Joint manipulation 


In this technique, the therapist applies force to the joints to varying degrees of intensity depending on the problem. The physiotherapist exerts a weak or a strong force at different speeds depending on the injury or illness. 


Physiotherapy Instrument mobilization  


Physiotherapy Instrument mobilization (PIN) uses mechanical instruments to mobilize the spine and peripheral joints. 


Minimal Energy Technique (MET) 


This technique is a variant of the manual approach to therapy. The physiotherapist induces gentle contraction to a patient’s muscles to relax and expand, and normalize joint motion. 


Muscle stretching 


It involves the patient lying down face-up with both feet on the floor. With both knees bent, the patient pulls the right knee up to the chest. The patient repeats the action with the other knee in the same position.  




Neuro-dynamics is about how nerves move with bones and bones in the body. When the movement is not alright, the patient feels some pain. So, the therapy is also about relieving muscle pain. The physiotherapist first assesses the injury. Back pain and tennis elbows often require the use of this technique. 


Massage and soft tissue technique 


The type of physiotherapy technique is for both the injured and the whole. In the former case, the therapist assists the patient to recover. For a patient who is out of danger, the technique applies to moving to a more active lifestyle. 

The latter, on the contrary, is for people who want to pursue a particular sporting or physical goal. A bodybuilder would require a different massage and soft tissue therapy different from that of a soccer player. 


Often patients will require different physiotherapies or a combination of some of them. As in the case of the message, even the injured require some form of therapy from time to time.  

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