What A Drug Rehab Center Entails

Drug rehab centers are used to help a persons addicted to substances and drugs recover from those addictions,  physical or mental illnesses. Drug rehab programs are simply what comes to mind when one thinks of or when the word rehab is mentioned.  People addicted to drugs many times seek additional care and help provided in these drug rehab centers.

Drug rehab treatment facilities

Drug rehab centers help addicts recover from substance over usage disorders. There are different kinds of drug rehab facilities. Those that specialize in helping patients with a single drug addiction. Others which offer a wider range of drug addiction services. There are those rehab facilities which are gender or age specific. These ones make the patients feel more comfy and free in the rehab setting. Then there the inpatient and outpatient rehab centers are also available.

The biggest misconception attached to rehab facilities is that patients in these rehab centers are coaxed to stay there. There is no truth in this. Patients in rehab centers are at full liberty to leave at their own freewill. There is such freedom in rehab centers simply because drug rehab treatment is only effective if the patient has the desire to be in the facility and has the urge to change his or her addictive behaviors. In instances where patients have been compelled to go to rehab, the rehab process can still work for him or her, even when they are initially reluctant.

Drug rehab centers include the very basic rehab facilities and the luxury treatment facilities. This are type of centers that a patient attends depending on his or her own income and level of insurance cover. On the other hand luxury centers offer more pleasant than basic facilities. They are not the best treatment centers and therefore patients should look into a rehab facility before settling for the one they have chosen.

Patients are subjected to detox treatment before they are admitted into a rehab facility.A detox treatment is for the the patient to get rid of addictive substances from his or her body. The detox process varies in duration but normally it takes about a week. After detox, recovering patients are monitored by doctors and nurses administered with medical detox treatment. This is to manage withdrawal effects. A patient is ready for rehab once they are through with the detox program.

In the drug rehab

Before the patient starts on rehab treatment, he or she undergoes an intake evaluation conducted by addiction counselor or by mental health therapist. The purpose of this assessment is to take into record reports of patient’s substance abuse, their medical records, urine screening and blood testing. The counselor gathers much information to be used during the patient’s stay in the drug rehab center.

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